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Our Business Model

Based in Costa Rica, Day & Night are a Server, Network, Telecoms Switch, Call & Data Centre specialist company supplying our clients with the latest technology and support in the fast and ever changing Telecommunications industry.

With over 40 years in the Telecommunications industry, we are here to solve all your set up issues, making sure you concentrate on company's tasks and profitability.

Our team

With Technicians around the globe and accounts in trusted Data centers from the US, Europe and Africa, we can suit all set ups from wholesale VoIP traders to MNVO or Tier 1 Providers

B2B (Business to Business)

We specialize in B2B no matter how big or small infrastructure you need. We are here to accommodate all in the best time frame.

Data Storage

We have excellent knowledge and experience in the data storage industry. We are also available for storage of density data, for many industries giving our clients peace of mind in the ever changing world of Technology and Communications.

PBX and DID's

With partnerships with the biggest PBX providers, we can set and install remotely all your office communication infrastructure. We also provide Virtual Numbers for most of the major cities worldwide.

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