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We are a virtual call center that uses "Permission Marketing" methodology.


We have created a Virtual Call Center in the Cloud using our VoIP tools and resources. Currently we have 8 seats and the ability to scale up as necessary.

Our Agents are located around the globe and hand picked. We recruit them mainly from Micro-Tasking web portals. They are not our employees and we incur no expenses when they are idle, so our rates are very low by some standards.

We ONLY do outbound calls to businesses (B2B) and not to consumers, so we do not deal with regulatory agencies that protect consumers. Thus our costs are lower and we can charge our clients far less than other lead generation services. We are the low cost solution and also a high quality producer.

We are a virtual call center that uses "Permission Marketing" methodology. This means we use real people who telephone businesses and request permission to send an email. That's all we do. We do not sell or pitch products or services and we don't use a predictive dialer.

Our process begins when a Virtual Agent telephones a list of businesses to ask permission to send email. When permission is granted email is immediately sent by our Virtual Agent. The email briefly explains the value proposition and provides a link to a website with the rest of the story. The Virtual Assistant can offer to read the email before sending it. The call duration is short. The email message is short. The email message contains a link to a landing page.

The landing page uses "Content Marketing" methodology and includes a Contact Request Form. The landing page is created from a template so the cost is extremely low. This link is an example of the landing page. Each tab and all the content on the landing page is customized for each each client and each marketing project/campaign.


Whenever someone on the landing page submits the Contact Request Form their info is captured and a email notice is sent to the follow-up person. If the follow-up person uses a smart-phone with email he could be responding in less than a minute.

The cost of our service starts at $2 per each prospect that filled out the contact request form. The price varies depending on statistics. A typical campaign might be 6-8 leads three days per week for a month. We can turn it on or off at will. So if our client wants to slow down or speed up we can do that with less than one day's notice. A big job for us would be a client that wants 20+ leads everyday.

Payment by PayPal or Credit Card or Wire Xfer or Direct Deposit to our Wells Fargo bank account in the USA. Minimum cost is $350 per campaign which includes non-refundable $250 setup fee. Re-order is in $50 increments.

You will need to provide us with a list that contains the contact name, phone number, and email info. We can help you get a list. See our story about Marketing Lists on one of the navigation tabs above.

We offer package deals that include procuring your marketing list and managing all the details including the follow-up response or setting of appointments.

This business model was developed to create jobs for financially disadvantaged people, especially single parents that could be working from home via the Internet.

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