Free Rate Sheet Manager

A tool for people that have a steady stream of rate decks hitting their inbox.


Please consider being one of our beta sites. We want your opinion about our Rate Sheet Manager and we are willing to give it to you for free because we want your feedback.

We will provide for no charge and we will even manage the clerical chores. You only need to email us your rate decks and we will handle the rest. Within minutes you will be able to compare rates and destinations for all of your vendors.

Just ask and we will send you your login credentials and you can start using this great tool for free. (limited offer, first 100 signups are free, first come first serve, get yours now)

This is a tool for people that have a steady stream of rate decks hitting their inbox. We have a way to easily load those decks into a database you can access online. Thus you can instantly look up rates for any destination and see what each of your vendors is offering.

The idea here is that our tool is free and someday (not today) we will charge $1 for each spreadsheet we normalize and upload for you. This will be optional and you will still be able to use the Rate Sheet Manager for free, but you will have to do your own normalizing and uploading.

Here is how we do it: Our core business is renting Reseller Accounts on our MOR soft-switch to voip traders. The MOR switch has a built in rate sheet manager. It’s fantastic.. So we give you a reseller partition on our switch, but with zero ports. So you get a fully functional soft-switch with all modules and features, however sending traffic is restricted. We can open some ports if you decide you want them.

We think some of our users will be happy to pay us a small fee for uploading their rate decks and for giving them such a cool tool to use.

Bottom line for you is this: It will save you a lot of time and you will be able to make informed decisions. No cost to you ever. You can do your own uploading for free and never pay us anything.

If you want this just tell me and we will send you your login credentials. It's as simple as that!

If you have questions. Please contact me via skype id djweller44.

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