MVTS II Soft-Switch

This switch is incredible and heavy-duty


This switch is incredible and heavy-duty. It requires two servers and they must be good servers. We run on Dual Xenon with 48 gigs of RAM and Solid State Disc Drives in a RAID 0 configuration.

One server handles the traffic and the other server handles the accounting. So keep in mind that your data center cost is double because you need two servers. One is the Oracle DB and the other is the session border controller. This setup is able to handle at least 2000 concurrent calls. If you run as signalling proxy you could likely get 5000 concurrent calls.

This switch does not have modules for calling cards, or call-shops are any of those things. It does not have a built-in auto-dialer with IVR. It has no PBX like functions.

This switch is a monster and on a par with a Nextone switch. Lot's of folks struggle with this switch because it has so many ways it can be configured and has so many switches, controls, and options. Most likely you need someone with a few years of experience to run this switch.

If you have run switches before and you are comfortable with uploading rate decks and setting up Least Cost Routing rules, you will be able to learn this switch pretty fast.

If you are a beginner, this is a lot of switch and it will take a long time to learn all the components.

Of course the real question is which switch is right for your traffic? If you are strictly wholesale, this is a fantastic switch

For me the big pluses for MVTS are:

  • High capacity
  • Very secure
  • Configurable beyond imagination
  • Mature
  • You can find people that know how to operate it
  • And you can learn it too.
  • A PDF manual exists.  This is really important.   It’s not the best manual and you will often find it hard to understand.  However if you read it several times it almost always does help. 
  • Diagnostic Capabilities are amazing.  Something like WireShark is built-in.   The Oracle DB engine is keeping track of many things and it has very robust reporting ability

The negatives for me are:

  • The manual is weak.
  • There is very little online technical information.
  • You need to purchase a 3rd party product to manipulate the DB manually.
  • The large amount of information reported can be overwhelming.

If you are thinking about a switch of this caliber we can help you get setup and operational. It works like this:

You can have it however you like.

  • We have a resource that will install on your servers as you wish for a one time payment.
  • Or you can rent and prepay month to month flat rate. for a
  • Or you can rent a partition with your own IP address on a MVTS switch we manage.

Let me be clear we are not selling you a MVTS license. We are a tech support & marketing company. We help people manage your own MVTS switch, and we don't ask questions or make you prove anything to us.

If you just want to rent a partition with your own ip address we can accommodate you on our MVTS switch which has a unused capacity in excess of 2000 concurrent calls.

We are not a one man band. We are mostly computer techs and engineers. We have 5 people on our NOC team that contribute to our tech support and NOC services. Two are very knowledgeable and very available to us.

If you have a MVTS switch now and you need support or management services we might be able to help you.

What does it cost? Depends on many many factors.

Here are some typical examples

  • You get a partition with your own ip address. you do not get root access. You get 200 concurrent calls, you have administrative permission for your partition just as if you had a dedicated switch on your own server. You also get our tech support and noc services. For this you pay $10/week + .001 per minute. So if you have some down time, it only costs you $40/month to have your switch. Post pay with PayPal
  • Some people need more than 200 channels and that's too much traffic for our shared switch, so they need to get their own dedicated server. For them we can negotiate and we are not greedy.

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